The Staycation- Falling in love with Cornwall

So. We are once again bound for a summer staycation. People all over the UK are already planning their getaway... anything to keep you sane in lockdown. And it seems pretty clear that once again, we wont be venturing far. While there many are already complaining that they wont be able to get away to Tenerife or Timbuktoo, there are many of us that are falling in love with the island that we call home. It has been far too easy to jump on a plane and get away to sunny climes and distant beaches in the past. And yet, there is a huge amount of beauty being rediscovered, right on our own doorstep. More and more of us are jumping in campers, or kitting out vans. Or finding beautiful coastal cottages or teepees in the hills. England has got a vast amount to offer and it is easy to overlook the beauty that is right here. There was a time, in the not so distant past of our parents and grandparents, that people would come to Cornwall for their two week holidays. Would spend their summer's exploring the coastal footpath, or tearing up the golf course. Now, those times could be with us again. And people are, for good reason, falling back in love with Cornwall. With it's mild weather and rugged beaches, the county has something for everyone. For surfer's, the north coast has always been a hotspot, with places like Newquay, Porthleven and Portreath always reliable for finding a good wave. The south coast  also has some fantastic spots that people are beginning to discover. The Helford for example is a stunning river where you can see glowing phosphorescence shining through the water on a dark night. And the lovely town of Falmouth, just down the road, boasts a fine number of restaurants, bars and local festivals. There is so much to discover in Cornwall and people are really finding something for whatever they are into. Be it mountain biking or so called "wild swimming", there really is something for everyone. So far the staycation looks, well, here to stay as we finally realise how lucky we are to live in this beautiful country and, although the situation is not the most pleasant, maybe it has finally taught us to appreciate the beautiful land in which we live.

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